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My pelvic floor Fitness

The new lights by TENA pelvic floor fitness app

Training your pelvic floor muscles can reduce little leaks, and improve your general health. Even your sex life.

We have developed an app called My pff – My pelvic floor fitness – to help you on the way.

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"One of the big problems with pelvic floor exercises is remembering to do them everyday, and that's why the pelvic floor fitness app is so fantastic. Not only does it make sure you're doing your exercises correctly, it also reminds you to do them - so now there are no excuses!!"

Lisa Webb

Member of the guild of the pre and post natal exercise professionals

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  • Professional tutorial video, from Liza Webb, explaining the best and most effective way to practice your pelvic floor exercises to ensure results
  • Easy to follow exercises practised and taught by professional Pilates instructors
  • Progress tracking feature allowing you to monitor your improvement in muscle tone and control
  • Optional daily reminders, pre-set by you to a time that suits your routine and fits in with your life style

With expert advice on strengthening the pelvic floor, you will learn how to do easy and ultra-discreet exercises, anywhere, any time and without anyone noticing.

Improving your pelvic floor tone reduces your chances of experiencing little leaks and can, in time, entirely eliminate these little oooops moments from your life.

The my pff application explains and guides you through the exercises, ensuring you are doing everything correctly and in the most effective way. It allows you to track your progress and receive daily reminders to do your exercises at a time that suits you and fits in with your routine.

  • If you´ve ever asked "why?", "where?" or "how?" when it comes to pelvic floor exercises then the free "my pff" app is for you
    Red magazine
  • Simply download and start practicing -the street exercises can be done anywhere, at any time and you´ll notice the difference in weeks
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